​​​Why should I choose Rob Ryan ? 

    The voice in  your mixes represents you. Rob Ryan's experience, voice, delivery and production are the best in the world, Period. Rob Ryan has provided professional voiceovers for over 25 years and honed his craft to deliver the perfect sound for you. Rob Ryan uses quality equipment (neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser 416 Microphone, apollo X6) to capture your professional custom drop.  We provided services to thousands of satisfied DJ's 

and clients annually and would love to add you to the list of satisfied customers. Plus Rob Ryan can add production efx that are next level. We make you sound great! 

What is a DJ Drop? 

​     Simply put, DJ drops are a recorded voice over including your name and often additional phrases. See list of top 20 most popular drops, or write your own. 

What are your prices? 

     Prices vary depending on your needs. Minimum order is  $75 with discounts for multiple drops and promotions available. Simple (dry/no efx) to elaborate with custom radio style production efx. Additional fee for rush services, additional production efx, length of script and for specific uses (for example radio/tv). Please contact now with as many details as possible for a price quote. 

How do you deliver the drop(s)? 

     Drops are delivered via email mp3 file. Standard delivery is 5 days. Rush 24 hr or 48 hr services are available for an additional fee. 

What payment methods do you accept?

     Cash App, Pay Pal, Venmo, Zelle are accepted payment types. 

What is a Dry drop? 

     Dry drops means it is the voice with no additional sound efx (effcts) added. 

What are wet drops? 

     Wet drops also called produced have additional sound effects added to the voice before, during, and/or after. Sounds include echo, reverb, stutter, air-horn, and more specialty sounds. 

What is an intro?

     An intro is used to intro/introduce a DJ or performer at the beginning of their set (recorded or live) Most intros include additional efx that sound best and heighten excitement for the performance length can vary.  

How do I know what EFX are best? 

     Typically simple vocal efx are best if the drop is being played over music, during the set. More elaborate efx sound best over an intro or before music is used. Rob Ryan can select the level of efx based on where you will typically use the specific drop. 

What voices are available for drops? 

     Rob Ryan is the voice and different deliveries can be requested. For example softer or harder. 

Can I send you my voice recording and you edit it? 

     Yes, however it is time consuming to edit other voices audio and it will cost about the same or more than drops voiced by Rob Ryan. 

What can I say in my drop(s)? 

     Most drops are sold as custom drops and may have a word limit, but the words can be anything. If you're not sure what to say, look at top 20 drops below, Additionally Rob Ryan can write your drops with a little information (like who you are and where drops will be played.) An additional fee may be required for call letters (radio station i.e. Hot 97, companies, and groups (i.e. DaUnion DJS).

Can you voice for Radio? 

     Yes, please contact Rob Ryan to determine if you need 1/2 page of Dry VO or a monthly price for unlimited voiceovers. 

I'm not a DJ, can you voice my project? 

     Yes Rob Ryan does voiceovers for multiple types of clients and would be happy to discuss your project. Commercials, sports intros, podcast/YouTube intros, sweepers and more.

Where have I heard your voice? 

     Rob Ryan has worked on multiple terrestrial radio stations and also voices for DJs on Sirius XM, Shade 45, Rock The Bells, and DJs on all platforms including; Apple Music, Spotify, Twitch, MixCloud, SoundCloud, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Podcasts, sports teams and more. 

How do I find you on social media? 

     Please visit my contact page to connect, Thanks. 

Can I get a free sample? 

     Yes I have free DJ Drop downloads (click link). No, I can not make a free sample with your name. 

My name is hard to pronounce, how do I know you will say it right? 

     I guarantee correct pronunciation. The best guidance is an audio memo of you saying your name on instagram DM. Sometimes letting me know what the name sounds like works too. 

Where do DJs use their drops/branding? 

     The sound of your DJ drops represent your brand, think of it as an audio logo. They can be heard during sets (live and recorded) and used for promotional purposes. Think of it as turning your bio into an audio file. 

Can you redo my drop/ do you guarantee my drops? 

We guarantee correct pronunciation. If a word is missed or wrong, your order can be redone at no charge. However, if you have additional requests after the recording, there is a minimum $25 change order fee and you may need to purchase a new drop, depending on the changes. Usually sound effects (efx) can be added for a fee. 

Didn't see your question here? Please contact us and we'll be happy to answer. 

All Rob Ryan DJ Drops are Custom! You can create your own scripts too! 

Rob Ryan is also widely regarded as the king of DJ drops. His signature drops are the stuff of legend, with a distinctive voice that commands attention and instantly gets the crowd hyped up. In fact, many in the industry consider his DJ drops to be the best DJ drops in the world, period.

Best of the best SAMPLES. Listen to YouTube sample of Rob Ryan voiced and produced DJ Drops and intors. Not every DJ needs this level of efx and production on their voice over, but this is available. Rob Ryan's voice sounds great dry, or with layers of efx. Ask about rush services too! We're here to serve you. 

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5 easy steps to get your Rob Ryan DJ Drops.

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3. EFX & Delivery

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