D - "DJ Name" with air horn

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Venmo: @RobRyanVO 0929

​Zelle: 303-525-0920

Please include email and Dj name with order. Contact Rob Ryan if you are unsure of amount or have any questions. 

e - "IT'S GOING DDDDOWN - with dj name"

 - Price includes standard delivery (5-7 days)

 - Please include dj name and requested drop name or letter in notes

 - Contact Rob Ryan for prices with Radio name or call letters

​ - Drops will be same voice, words and effects (sfx/efx) like you hear in   YouTube samples with your name added

 - Add rush delivery (24-48hr)  $20/order

 - Plus name drop is a separate name dj drop added to your order 

  - Choose the scripts you want from the YouTube options (letter or   name). If you do not specify which drops you want, Rob Ryan will select   the best options. Please include your DJ name as you want it said in   the drops (with or without DJ for example)

 If you have more specific requests or questions, please contact Rob   Ryan. 

 For all custom scripts and effects (efx/sfx) please click here

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EZ DJ Drops are scripted and produced with professional efx for use in all areas. Listen and choose from DJ drops below. Orders are custom and like samples (voice and sound efx). You pick what works best for you from a single drop to all of the drops. Plus add an extra name drop to your order and with the Super packages you can get the drops you hear here plus write some of your own customto really achieve the sound you need to take djing to the next level. These are all male voiced dj drops with your dj name with or without DJ (max 3 words in most cases). ​​​​​Guaranteed correct pronunciation! Custom options below orclickhere. 

Add Rush Delivery
A - "two turntables and a microphone, it's dj Name"

Fine Print

Contact Rob Ryan for additional payment, rush delivery options and any questions. 
B - "This is an exclusive banger, dj name"
G  - "You are now listening to the hosttest dj from (city), dj name, in the mix, right now" (must choose 3 pack or more for this drop)

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Scripted ez dj Drops with EFX
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C - "Killin' it on the 1's and 2's DJ Name" 
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h - "yO..yOU'RE IN THE MIX, world's finest man, dj name"

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f - "damn dj name, where'd you find this?"